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Our Weddings

We are passionate about working with you to create a wedding day that tells your story. We believe weddings should be a time for you and your guests to celebrate the greatest gift known to humanity - love.  Whether you have a vision of the kind of celebration you would like, or you don't know where to begin, we strive to meet your needs. Your engagement is a special time for  you and your fiance to cherish as you plan your future marriage together. Planning a wedding can feel like a fulltime job that is financially draining...and it doesn't need to! We are trained to help guide you, as stressfree as possible, through the planning stages. With our artistry, experience, and budget conscious approach, we aim to create a fabulous day where fond and lasting memories are made. 

We believe in marriage AND we believe

                   the best is yet to come !

Our Events


Every event - be it a wedding, a corporate social or a family reunion, begins with a dream.  What do you hope your event will look like? Will your guests savor the memory of the unique decor? Will they cherish the detail and caring, personal touch of your event? Our mission is to begin with your dream, then work within your budget to realize the best possible outcome. We will attend to...

every detail.

every event.

every time.




Bella Dolce

Weddings & Events

Every Detail. Every Event. Every Time.


Event Planning. Stationery. Crafting.

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